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This wiki is a collection of scary stories by ISTinfinity on and stories available only on the website. IST stands for Insanely Scary Tales, and that is exactly what this sight features. It features and extensive collection of scary tales by me, ISTinfinity, for the readers of the world and Creepypasta to enjoy. To see my official Creepypasta page, check out ISTinfinite. I hope you guys enjoy the site!

Submitting User Content

I support people submitting their story pages to me, in fact, I encourage it. However, there are rules to this. You must read them before submitting them (Not doing so may result in removal of the page or 1-7 day ban).

You may read the rules at Submission Rules Page If you do not know what your story should contain or are afraid your content is too explicit, please read Content Rules

Scary Stories

To read scary stories, search our search bar to try to find any stories that match the title of you search. If you want to browse stories the community has, or browse my stories, go to the navigational bar and the "Community" tab.

Ways You May Get Banned

To see some ways you can get banned, consult the Submission Rules Page. If you get perma-banned, do not make another account just to get to the site. If we find out about that, the new account will be perma-banned as well.

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