What My Story Should Contain

If you write a custom story and want to add a page to the site, make sure you dont do the following:

  • Try to use acceptable grammer and nice writing. No lazy writting.
  • No plagiarism! That includes:
    • No copy and pasting other peoples work and changing the name.
    • Similar ideas are okay, but no idea stealing from other people.
    • No using word for word lines. It may not be a lot, but if there are multiple lines in your USC matching another user's USC, the page will be removed.
  • Nothing offesive in the scary stories such as:
    • Racially insensitive comments or jokes (That includes the N word).
    • Sexual or sexually inappropriate terms.
    • Over explicitness (Yes, scary stories may have swearing. Even the F word is fine once or twice, but if the F word or other explicit words are being thrown around all over the story repeatedly, it will be removed).

Choosing not to follow these rules will result in a 1 or 3 Day Ban (depending on what the crime is) and if committed twice, a 7 Day Ban, and if dont thrice, a Perma-Ban.

List your story here: Story Listing

List you account here: User Listing

ISTinfinite 21:59, July 7, 2012 (UTC)